Column: The West’s New Top Justice Is Indigenous. So What?

The appointment of Leonard Marchand to the ranks of Canada’s top justices is less remarkable than the mundane tone of the announcement. The new Chief Justice of British Columbia and Chief Justice of the Court of Appeal of Yukon “is a highly

Dear Americans: Enough, Already

DEBORAH JONES: FREE RANGE August 19, 2017 Lacking ear plugs strong enough to block the din from America blasting the world, or a mega-phone loud enough to counter the babble, I’m resorting to two letters. Dear non-Americans: There’s a big world out

Season’s Greetings

The December solstice marks our turn from autumn to winter in the North, from spring to summer in the South. It’s a time of celebrations, renewal, and tradition — and for many, a welcome break in routine and a fresh start. F&O will now take a break,

Red Kettles, Fake News, Corruption: Facts and Opinions this week

Viola Desmond the choice for portrait on Canada’s next $10 bill  Our journalism boutique lineup this week features an essay by Jeremy Hainsworth, weighing discrimination against the good done by the Salvation Army in saving lives. We focus on corruption with three pieces: Jonathan Manthorpe’s column on Transparency

Matters of Facts, and Opinions

F&O’s Dispatches this week: Security Chief: Europe Must Brace for New Extremist Attacks, by Alastair Macdonald  Islamic State will attack Europe again, security chiefs warned on Dec. 2, and may add car bombs, cyber and chemical warfare to its local arsenal as European

Facts, and Opinions, this week

Below is F&O’s Fresh Sheet. We’ll have more stories later this week — see our Contents page for our newest original and curated works. Notebook: Current affairs are a raging flood, from breaking news about the Canada-Europe free trade dea. (Reuters) to a pipeline protest in North Dakota that activist Bill McKibben calls

F&O this week

F&O’s Fresh Sheet this week features: Focus on Bob Dylan, who this week won the Nobel Prize for Literature: His Bob-ness joins Yeats, Beckett, and Eliot, by Rod Mickleburgh In the winter of 1990, I waited with a handful of reporters and

F&O’s Fresh Sheet

Shimon Peres funeral joins Israeli, Palestinian leaders — briefly. By Jeffrey Heller and Jeff Mason Israeli and Palestinian leaders shook hands during a brief chat and U.S. President Barack Obama gently reminded them of the “unfinished business of peace” at the funeral Friday


Our regulars at F&O are taking a breather this Labour Day, to savour the last of summer and brace for the passage into fall and winter — a snowy and cold one, if the Farmer’s Almanac has anything to say about it. Our journal is a trove

Brexit (UK referendum on European Union), etc.

Citizens of the United Kingdom vote tomorrow today* on Brexit, the referendum on whether Britain should leave Europe. The impact, no matter which way the vote goes, is already global. We’ll have a wrapup on the weekend. Meantime, here are some suggestions of where to follow the breaking

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