Omar Khadr’s next life

“Abused child.” “Child soldier.” “Brainwashed boy.” “Terrorist.” “Killer.” “Guantánamo prisoner.” “Victim of torture.” “War criminal.” “The only child soldier put on trial in modern history.” On Thursday Omar Khadr, 28, launched the next of his many lives: “Free man  — with conditions.” Born in Canada,

The Poison in Afghanistan Politics

Afghanistan’s unity deal contains poisonous seeds which will pollute the country’s politics, writes International Affairs columnist Jonathan Manthorpe. Afghans turned out in their millions, defying Taliban and other threats, to have their votes cast. Ghani, Abdullah, with Kerry and other outsiders as handmaidens, over-rode

F&O Weekend

F&O has a veritable treasure trove of new work for your weekend reading: The Cuban Five In 1998 Fidel Castro had his good friend Gabriel García Márquez, the Nobel prize-winning Colombian novelist, carry a top secret message to American President Bill Clinton.

Afghanistan’s unsavoury presidential choices

 Who will be Afghanistan’s next elected leader? International affairs columnist Jonathan Manthorpe considers the options – and finds all of the candidates wanting. Excerpt: The world will soon discover whether 13 years of war in Afghanistan at a cost of the lives