“Green” investment funds spring back

By Ross Kerber May, 2017 BOSTON (Reuters) – After U.S. President Donald Trump’s election last November, investors pulled nearly $68 million (53 million pounds) from so-called “green” mutual funds, reflecting fear that his pro-coal agenda would hurt renewable energy firms. But now

The terrifying mathematics of the Anthropocene

By Owen Gaffney and Will Steffen, February, 2017 Here are some surprising facts about humans’ effect on planet Earth. We have made enough concrete to create an exact replica of Earth 2mm thick. We have produced enough plastic to wrap Earth in clingfilm. We

Hunting, fishing, farming biggest threats to wildlife

By Sean Maxwell, The University of Queensland; James Watson, The University of Queensland, and Richard Fuller, The University of Queensland  August 13, 2016 History might judge the Paris climate agreement to be a watershed for all humanity. If nations succeed in halting runaway

Facts, and Opinions, that matter this week

Reports: Shelter the focus at Venice Architecture Biennale, by Joel Dullroy The Venice Architecture Biennale is usually a showcase of prestigious architecture projects from around the world, but Germany’s entry this year has taken a different angle, focusing instead on simple shelters used

Paris Agreement on climate

Paris Agreement: landmark accord, turn from fossil fuels, By Alister Doyle and Barbara Lewis  The global climate summit in Paris agreed a landmark accord on Saturday, setting the course for a historic transformation of the world’s fossil fuel-driven economy within decades in a

White House decision on Keystone pipeline

UPDATED: The U.S. rejected the final phase of the Keystone pipeline, President Barack Obama announced at his Friday morning press conference.  “The State Department has decided that the Keystone XL Pipeline would not serve the national interest of the United States,” said Obama in a

F&O this week: Daylight Savings; Spectre; oil; China’s children

Welcome to Facts and Opinions. We rely on the honour system: enjoy one story at no charge, and if you value our independent, no-spam, no-ads journalism, chip in at least two bits. Click here for details. World: America’s Lying Season. By Tom Regan, Summoning Orenda

Earthprints: Toronto’s Leslie Street Spit

Leading up to the UN Climate Conference in Paris in December, Reuters has a series of photo-essays titled “Earthprints,” each installment aiming to “show the ability of humans to impact change on the landscape of the planet,” accompanied with NASA satellite images showing the scale of the change. Here,

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