Environmentally-sound agriculture can support farmers and consumers

Agroecology can help fix the food, water and energy challenges that conventional agriculture has created. By Andrea Basche and Marcia DeLonge March, 2017 The past several years have been rough for many U.S. farmers and ranchers. Net farm incomes this year could fall

The terrifying mathematics of the Anthropocene

By Owen Gaffney and Will Steffen, February, 2017 Here are some surprising facts about humans’ effect on planet Earth. We have made enough concrete to create an exact replica of Earth 2mm thick. We have produced enough plastic to wrap Earth in clingfilm. We

Human Rights: There’s an App for that

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs January 7, 2017 At the heart of one of the most effective and simple human rights campaigns of recent years is a box on a roof in Beijing. In its quiet way, that box has confirmed for the

Hunting, fishing, farming biggest threats to wildlife

By Sean Maxwell, The University of Queensland; James Watson, The University of Queensland, and Richard Fuller, The University of Queensland  August 13, 2016 History might judge the Paris climate agreement to be a watershed for all humanity. If nations succeed in halting runaway

‘Smeary’ Lake Erie — progress, and setbacks

The Great Lakes are no longer a dumping ground for industrial pollution. But farm run-off, aquatic invaders and climate change are once again putting fish and clean water in jeopardy   By Brian Bienkowski, Environmental Health News March, 2016 EAST LANSING, Michigan—When

China’s soil as poisonous as its air and water

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs December 19, 2015 I was wrong when I said in last week’s column there is little reliable information available about the extent of soil pollution in China. Well, half wrong. In my hunt for facts I foolishly neglected to

Facts, and Opinions, this week

In the first of two Frontlines posts this weekend, F&O offers our weekly lineup of eclectic reads and stunning images for your weekend pleasure. Watch for our Focus on Canadian politics, prior to the federal election Monday Oct. 19. Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015, Natural History

Life goes on in rural Newfoundland

Life goes on in rural Newfoundland despite the loss of its historic economy and and estimated 50,000 people. Story and photos by Greg Locke.

Science and “the environment” should not be separated

By Manu Saunders, Ensia August, 2015 Does the natural world have any relevance to modern science? Of course it does; but sometimes it seems like that’s not the case. This is a myth perpetuated directly and indirectly through media, policy decisions, academic disciplines,

Wanted: A new story of humanity’s place in the world

The prevailing perception of humans as inherently at odds with nature is not only false, it’s counterproductive By Philip Loring June, 2015 It goes without saying that humans are good at causing problems. Climate change, overfishing and widespread environmental contamination from chemical