Tokyo moves to boost military in response to Chinese “provocations”

JONATHAN MANTHORPE Published: September 18, 2013. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is moving to loosen constitutional restrictions on the use of the country’s armed forces, in response to increasing military pressure from China over disputed islands in the East China Sea. On Wednesday

MOVIES: Cold War Relics Fight On

By Brian BrennanCALGARY, Alberta, 1989 On the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, in a mock English pub converted temporarily into a Bavarian inn, the night air holds a solemn stillness as the director John Frankenheimer shoots the pivotal scene of his latest movie.

Risky Business: The Facts Behind Fracking

“Fracking:” could the fossil energy industry have chosen a more loaded term for the process of sending a long hard pipe down a deep hole and violently exploding liquid from the end to stimulate the release of precious gas?   By CHRIS

Incendiary performance: from Gumboot Lollypop to the Olympics

 As a teenager in Vancouver, Dolly Hopkins was torn between athletics and drama; she spent her high school years rushing between sports-team practices and theater rehearsals. She eventually chose drama, and so it was a tad ironic that in 2004 she was invited

Vancouver: Fool’s paradise, or model for 21st Century?

Vancouver struggles with a rare opportunity to create a lasting urban paradise. By DEBORAH JONES Vancouver, Canada 1996 High-tech hotbed Seattle has Bill Gates. Manhattan, city of comebacks, has Donald Trump. Vancouver has David Duchovny of The X-Files, the happening sci-fi TV series

The Rankin Family

Nothing – politicians, fame, or drunks – fazes this Canadian Celtic folk band, named group of the year at the 1993 Canadian Country Music Awards By DEBORAH JONESBADDECK, Nova Scotia, Canada 1993 It’s late afternoon on a hot August day, and several

Spider Robinson moves on

Sci-Fi writer Spider Robinson used to say home was “wherever I plug in my stereo and computer.” To his astonishment it hurts to leave “this cold, grey town, which starves its artists and then imports its art from points west . .