Bush’s War on Terror Unending

Fifteen years ago George W. Bush launched the “War on Terror.” It was an incalculable strategic mistake, and there is no end in sight JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs September 24, 2016 Fifteen years ago this week President George W. Bush uttered a few phrases that have tainted much

When going to work is a remarkable event

On Monday, a handful of New York media workers passed their first day in their new workplace, the tower that rose from the World Trade Center killing ground. The Conde Nast employees are the first men and women to occupy one of

Singin’ for Freedom: Pete Seeger

American icon Pete Seeger died Monday, January 27, 2014. Author and filmmaker Silver Donald Cameron wrote this newspaper column about Pete Seeger in the dark days of 2001, and F&O re-publishes it here, free of charge, with Silver Donald’s kind permission. An