Alexa McDonough dies at age 77

By Greg Locke HALIFAX, NS – Alexa McDonough, the trailblazing politician who the the Nova Scotia and then federal NDP parties, died Jan 15, 2022, after a long battle with Alzheimer’s . She was 77. Born Alexa Ann Shaw in Ottawa on August 11,

Liberals lose poll lead in election 2021 gamble

  OTTAWA – When Justin Trudeau called the federal election 2021 on August the 15th, with still two years left in his mandate, the federal Liberal party had a nearly 10-point lead over the Conservative party. He took a gamble that the

Muskrat Falls hydroelectric – Who buried the risk assessment report?

ROGER BILL November 25, 2017 ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland — The man in charge of finishing the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project on the Churchill River in remote central Labrador calls the venture a “boondoggle”. The Newfoundland and Labrador government has established a commission of

Trudeau topples Harper in stunning Canadian election

By Randall Palmer and Rod Nickel October 19, 2015 MONTREAL/CALGARY (Reuters) – Canada’s Liberal leader Justin Trudeau rode a late campaign surge to a stunning election victory on Monday, toppling Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives with a promise of change and returning

Facts, and Opinions, this week

In the first of two Frontlines posts this weekend, F&O offers our weekly lineup of eclectic reads and stunning images for your weekend pleasure. Watch for our Focus on Canadian politics, prior to the federal election Monday Oct. 19. Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015, Natural History

Marg!, Princess Warrior joins the fray

Newfoundland writer, actress and comedian, Mary Walsh, finally chimed in on the Canadian election with her character, Marg! Princess Warrior, this week with her Marg Brings Change campaign. Made famous on This Hour has 22 Minutes, Marg has been smiting politicians with

Alberta once again the New Jerusalem

By Brian Brennan May 6, 2015  In 1971, the year the now irrelevant Progressive Conservative party first rose to power in Alberta, a Canadian folk-pop group from Montreal called The Bells had a million-selling hit titled “Stay Awhile.” It stayed in the American Top

Alberta election: is change in the wind?

  Could Alberta be the bellwether for shifting politics in North America’s oil patch communities? Alberta citizens vote in a provincial election today.  Alberta — world famous as home of the oil sands — has been ruled by the Progressive Conservative party

NOTEBOOK: a bellwether election for Alberta?

May 5, 2015 Could Alberta become  a bellwether for politics in North America’s oil patch? Alberta citizens vote in a provincial election today.  Alberta — world famous as home of the oil sands — has been ruled by the Progressive Conservative party

Today’s election could change Greece — and Europe

For years the world has watched Greece, the cradle of democracy, implode in protests and economic decline. Indebted Greece has long been ill-served by its political and business leaders, and lately beholden to creditors bent on austerity. And today when the Greek