The Banality of Ethics in the Anthropocene

CLIVE HAMILTONJuly, 2015 Among the great crimes of the 20th century the most enduring will surely prove to be human disruption of the Earth’s climate. The effects of human-induced climate change are apparent now and will become severe this century, but the

Climate March well-meaning — but means next to nothing

By Chris Wood, Natural Security columnist This isn’t the Bastille of the Climate Revolution. Not even close. What organizers are billing as “the largest climate march in history this weekend,” hopes to draw as many as 150,000 people to New York City to

Global Warming hiatus due – surprise! – to Atlantic Ocean

New research published today in the journal Science suggests, surprisingly, that the answer to the biggest climate change mystery of the past decade or so may be found in the deep Atlantic Ocean, and not as suspected in the Pacific. Noted Science: Why did

Does deep Atlantic heating account for global warming hiatus?

By Richard Allan, University of Reading, The ConversationAugust 21, 2014 There seem to have been a dozen or so explanations for why the Earth’s surface has warmed at a slower rate over the past 15 years compared to earlier decades. This is perhaps not

The water is rising

Research showing that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is breaking up lends an hallucinatory air to our political and business discourses, writes Natural Security columnist Chris Wood. We carry on as though the historical world will last forever, as if our biggest problem

Promises to aid development are empty

Pledges by “have” countries to help the “have-nots” are almost all talk and no action, new research shows.  Since 2003, when a Washington-based think tank started an index to measure development policies by wealthier countries, “the scores for aid, migration, trade and